Short links created

Unlucky, our name is long and typing it requires time. Furthermore, typo errors are frequent in such a long and complex name. This leads to visitors unable to reach our site, with an awkward but catchy “buy this domain, starting from $ 1 500” advertisement showing up instead.

To simplify everyone’s navigation, we have created shortened versions of our most important pages using, so that everyone can remember the links and reach the desired pages with ease. They are listed down here:

  • Home page:
  • Products page:
  • Grandpa’s Garden:
  • About:
  • Contacts:

Patreon page created

You already know that we are a nonprofit company. And you already know what this means. Notwithstanding that, we spend a lot of money on releasing games and providing you the best content possible.

Like every person in the world, though, we would like to reduce costs, and today and so on we are asking you to show us your appreciation donating us a coffee on Patreon.

Patrons will receive a special badge, as a gift for their generosity.

Be aware that we are not asking money, neither we will in the future. Furthermore, UFO Game Entertainment will never close because of a lack of funds. However, your help means a lot for us, as a sign of appreciation for our work.

If you are willing, donate us your coffee. 

UFO Game blog was born

Welcome on our official blog. Today we are writing to inform you that now UFO Game Entertainment has an official blog hosted directly on this site. Anyway, we will update our social platforms as well, so… stay tuned.

You can reach our social accounts using the social menu at the top of every page on this site.