We are not alone in this world. Plenty of ventures and projects exist out there. Some of them are valuable for what they aspire to or for their goals and people put lots of effort into them, but perhaps they do not have enough funds or they are just unknown.

For this reason, UFO Game Entertainment sponsors and supports some wonderful educational projects and is willing to sponsor yours as well, if it deserves our attention.


Testata - trasparente

Cartacanta is an Italian school newspaper that features foreign, local and in-school news as long as topic-specific articles, such as tech, environment, art. The whole newspaper is managed and written by willing students. What makes Cartacanta valuable for us is the fact that it has an added educational value. In fact, teachers use Cartacanta for discussing with the students about peculiar events and news, perhaps concerning a concept they have just faced.

UFO Game Entertainment fully covers the printing cost.

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