More about us

The concept of UFO Game Entertainment is a throw back to old videogames which featured low quality graphics and rudimental 3D effects. We aren’t doing this because we cannot program, but because UFO Game was born to tribute the videogames which made current technologies and brought them this forward in time.

UFO Game Entertainment was born on May 9, 2013. It was originally called UFO Games, because the videogames it had to develop had to be fantastic and mythical, like UFOs. Then its name changed to UFO Game because it had to publish only one debut videogame: The Magic World of Tobidou (original name: Il magico mondo dei Tobidou). Now we aren’t developing it anymore, but you’ll find the demo (which came out in Italian in 2015) once we finish translating it to English. Now the company is called UFO Game Entertainment because its videogames are made for entertainment purposes.

Today we’re developing one videogame we hope we’ll publish by summer 2019.

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