Securing your data

Protecting personal data is becoming the greatest priority to everybody, since hackers have became more skilled as companies have been improving the way they make data inaccessible. Actually, hackers really don’t give a shot about your own data. What they are really interested in is just fetching data, not on the basis of what kind of information they are managing. But when it comes to money, there they are! Hackers are obviously cracking users info in order to sell it to other companies or services that can analyze it and predict market trends. However, when they are treating credit cards, they are not willing to share credentials to others, so they can get a lot of money out of you. Obviously, thou, they will never wipe your balance out as you would notice that unexpected behavior, but they steal some dollars a day deleting traces of their – illegal – money movements. So, it is unlikely you would notice that.

By saying this, we are not telling you should never enter personal and real data onto any account, but just verify whether a source is reliable. Being able to test it and trust in the corrected sources is a though work, which sometimes may include mistakes. However, making mistakes is part of the learning process.

How could I protect my data and check whether it is in a safe place?

It is a great question, and we want to dedicate a separate part on this article.